Business Ethics

At Dakoda, we think it’s important to have a set of business ethics to reduce any negative impacts from the business on the environment and the people who have associations with the business as well as complying with all UK laws. We therefore wanted to make it clear where we stand on issues like Fair Trade, Sustainability and Environmental Impacts.

We do need to point out that there are a number of challenges which face small businesses and it’s not always easy (or cost effective) to be able to consider ethics, but it’s something that’s important to us and wherever possible we want to make a positive impact.


It has long been our stance to “do our part” to help various charities which are close to our hearts. We have been involved with assisting several charities including various animal organisations, and we will continue to do this and help more as we scale the business.

Fair Trade

All our importers/suppliers are vetted to ensure that any products imported from overseas are done so in a fair manner. Many even have their own specific funds and charities to ensure that workers in poorer districts are paid fairly and even high than is normal.

Animal Testing

At Dakoda we are incredibly passionate about animal welfare and we condemn any act of cruelty, for that reason none of our products have been tested on animals. Though it is virtually impossible for any company to claim that all the basic ingredients that go in to a product have never been tested on animals, it is a fair assumption to make that none of the basic ingredients have been tested on animals since 1967. We only source suppliers who have similar principles to ourselves on this and who endeavour to produce an entirely cruelty free product. That means that as far as possible they use natural, pure ingredients.

Modern Slavery/ Child Labour

Our recruitment and people management processes are designed to ensure that all prospective employees are legally entitled to work in the UK and to safeguard employees from any abuse or coercion.

We do not enter into business with any organisation, in the UK or abroad, which knowingly supports or is found to be involved in slavery, servitude and forced or compulsory labour.

When we purchase goods from a potential new supplier we always check their business ethics and their Modern Slavery statement to ensure they meet our expectations.


We have a wide range and variety of products and it would be impossible to have only eco-friendly and recycled products. However, we always seek, as an absolute minimum, that any raw materials, such as wood, are sustainably sourced.

In terms of packaging we reuse wherever possible what we can and recycle what we cannot. We activity collect boxes and packaging from local businesses to use for our own customers so don’t be surprised if your item arrives in an recycled box! We also ask and encourage all customers to recycle their packaging.

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